All we know about The Division and a Tom Clancy’s: The Division Beta!

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online open-world Role-Play game but do not confuse this with an actual MMO as it’s not. The game is being developed by a bunch of Ubisoft’s studios and is obviously being published by Ubisoft themselves.

The game takes place in New York City and has a massive free to explore map. On Black Friday terrorists succeed to plant a bio virus on US money bills in NYC which caused millions of people to die.  As a result the society collapses and the city becomes deserted by civilization. Enemy factions try to take advantage of the virus. This is where you come in. The Division is a group of regular human beings that try to save the people that are still alive and build up a new community and possibly a new society. As a normal human being you are not able to undo or prevent the whole disaster from happening.

The Division Artwork

The game does not feature any drivable vehicles and the fastest way of transportation is using the fast travel system. You can only fast travel to already visited locations mainly the big Bases containing Tradestations, medics, armories and much more. As a result of no vehicles the map is designed around you as the agent and not around vehicles. There are a lot of accessible areas such as rooftops, tunnels through buildings or under the ground, and many more. The environment is fully dynamic which means that one day an area can be perfectly safe and the next day it could be taken over by a massive enemy faction. Another example is that the disease spreads itself. This way some areas can become locked until you get a better gas-mask.

As of yet there is not a lot of information know about the character customizations. However, we do know that there are hundreds of weapons available, all customizable. There are five different gun categories; Assault rifles, Submachine guns, Marksman rifles, Shotguns and Sidearms. The game does also include a wide variety of skills but there will not be any classes you can choose from. This way you can build your character however you want.

Even though The Division is mainly based around the open world and multiplayer the game does have a storyline, regular missions and there will be an end-game.

The Division Beta

Darkzones are areas pretty much destroyed by the disease. The darkzones are often taken over by enemy factions. These areas contain the most powerful loot you can find but is will be very hard to get out there alive. The biggest thing about the darkzones is that these are Player versus Player areas. This makes it even harder to get out alive as most players are pretty curious what loot you have found and will probably want to take it from you.

As opposite of darkzones, there are also social zones. These are areas where all players can come together. We do not know how many people can be in a single social zone but we do know that there can be at least a hundred players in one zone. The social zones are intended for trading and just socializing with other players.

As of right now the release date for The Division is March 8, 2016 however at the end of 2015 there will be a Tom Clancy’s: The Division Beta in which you can take part. I am very excited for this game and can’t wait for the beta to start!